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Trenton Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

Trenton Workers’ Compensation Court for Injured Workers in Mercer County, New Jersey

A serious workplace injury could leave you unable to cover the costs associated with your medical treatment and unable to return to work. That’s why New Jersey Workers’ Compensation law exists: to ensure that injured workers, like you, do not have to pay your own medical expenses and to ensure that you get replacement pay to cover lost wages while you cannot work. Unfortunately, the NJ Workers’ Compensation system is extremely complicated – and it is often made more complicated by employers and insurance companies that contest Workers’ Comp claims and deny benefits.

Victims of workplace accidents in Trenton, Hamilton, Ewing, Lawrence, Princeton, or anywhere else in Mercer County, New Jersey can count on Andrew Calcagno to represent them throughout the Workers’ Compensation process and to help them get the compensation and benefits to which they are entitled. Mr. Calcagno has provided injured workers in Trenton and elsewhere in Mercer County with top-notch legal service over the past three decades – and he will do the same for you.

Did you suffer an on-the-job injury in Mercer County, NJ? Let Andrew Calcagno help you get the Workers’ Compensation benefits you need right now. Contact Mr. Calcagno today.

Information on Trenton Workers’ Compensation Court

An injured worker who files a Workers’ Compensation claim in NJ will probably see their case assigned to the county where they reside. If the injured worker lives outside of the state, then their Workers’ Compensation case will probably be assigned to the county where their employer is located.

The Trenton Workers’ Compensation Court serves Mercer County, New Jersey.

Court Address:

Station Plaza 4
P.O. Box 958
Trenton, NJ 08625-0958
Phone: 609-292-2508
Fax: 609-777-1794

Court Personnel:

  • Regional Supervisor: Charyl Stump
  • Administrative Supervisory Judge: Ingrid French
  • Presiding Judges: Emille Cox (Recall), Ingrid French, David Puma, Dawn Shanahan

Information About Trenton, NJ

Trenton is a major city in Mercer County, New Jersey. Trenton is the county seat and the capital city of New Jersey. The total population of Trenton is nearly 85,000 people, with those residents living in a geographic area of 8.15 square miles. Trenton, which is connected to Pennsylvania by multiple bridges, borders the Philadelphia metropolitan area. NJ municipalities that border Trenton include Ewing Township, Hamilton Township, and Lawrence Township.

Trenton has a rich history, having been the site of George Washington’s first military victory at the Battle of Trenton in 1776. In 1790, Trenton became the capital of New Jersey. In the 19th century, Trenton was a manufacturing and industrial center. These days, Trenton is the site of several NJ State office buildings that employ approximately 20,000 workers.


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$4.7 M

Verdict - Train Accident

Plaintiff suffered multiple injuries, including a fractured skull that resulted in a large epidural hematoma requiring an emergency craniotomy after a New Jersey Transit train accident.

$4.0 M

Settlement - Bus Crash

Plaintiff sustained multiple fractures and injuries to her shoulder, neck, lower back, leg, and ankle after a bus accident. She required multiple surgeries which still resulted in permanent damage.

$2.5 M

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Paintiff suffered multiple injuries, including a right temporal skull fracture, requiring a temporal craniotomy; post-traumatic seizure disorder; and post-traumatic stress disorder.

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Settlement - Wrongful Death

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