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New York No-Fault Arbitration Attorneys

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New York no-fault arbitration is a highly effective solution for medical providers. Which is why you must hire an attorney who is familiar with New York no-fault arbitration if you hope to be advised of the appropriate venue for your claim to recover the highest amount. While the no-fault law in New York is similar to that of New Jersey, New York has a much longer statute of limitations at six years, making it so that we can litigate or arbitrate when appropriate. You pay nothing unless we are successful.

What You Should Know About No-Fault Arbitration In NY

The no-fault arbitration claims in New York are administered through the American Arbitration Association. Having a lawyer to assist with the no-fault arbitration process is an effective way to approach the resolution of claims for medical providers. This allows you to put your confidence in an attorney who understands no-fault arbitration so that he or she can maximize the outcome. Working with an attorney on a contingency fee basis makes things easier for you since the attorney only collects if your claim is successful.

In some cases, New York and New Jersey may each have a recoverable interest in the same treatment, residence, insurer, or accident. For this reason, the attorneys at The Firm is more than prepared to advise you of the proper venue for your claim and the basis for your recovery amount.

When submitting an arbitration request in New York, it is crucial that all evidence – including any documents that support your contentions – like police reports, affidavits and medical bills – be submitted up front.  If you intend to arbitrate your claim, the AR-1 (or request for arbitration) is filed by your experienced New York no-fault arbitration attorney. After filing a request for arbitration for no-fault insurance benefits, the next phase is an initial review period. In the event that a settlement cannot be reached during this period, the matter is officially scheduled for a hearing.

Your lawyer should be prepared to provide all supporting documentation and to represent your interests while vigorously advocating your position. The Respondent insurance carrier is represented by an attorney who creates a defense and your lawyer should be prepared to do the same for you and represent you at the hearing. Once the arbitrator has ended a hearing, no more details can be submitted for the case. The arbitrator has a maximum of 30 days from the closing date to send in the award, therefore your attorneys should be prepared to pursue this matter until payment is made under the settlement or the award.

If you do choose to arbitrate a claim, you should know that this process is unique from other methods of dispute resolution. While it can be more effective for medical providers to pursue payment this way, you should only do so if you have an attorney from The Firm who understands the complexities and requirements of NY no-fault arbitration. When it’s time to file a demand for no-fault arbitration or to get help with the documentation or existing claim, talk to the attorneys at The Firm about your next steps.



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