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PIP Arbitration Attorneys in Newark, New Jersey

Personal Injury Protection Arbitration Lawyers In Essex County & Union County, NJ

New Jersey PIP issues can become extremely complicated for medical providers for many reasons. Hiring an experienced NJ PIP arbitration attorney is imperative to address the many issues that arise in this forum. The attorneys at The Firm can review your patient files for underpayments and prepare your files for arbitration disputes based on causation, limited policies, improper medical necessity denials, and eligibility questions and every other issue that arises in personal injury protection arena.

Regardless of how much you bill for an initial examination code, the amount you will be paid varies depending on fee schedules. More often than not, the insurance company underpays these claims based on an interpretation of the coding manual that favors the insurance company. Being familiar with the coding discrepancies and various coding rules is vital to maximizing the amount you are paid for the treatment services you provide. The attorneys at The Firm are prepared to review your patient files for any underpayments and will help you to identify any situations in which you were underpaid. They will make sure that the necessary paperwork is filed, saving you money. Collaborating with your existing process and building an internal workflow can help to prevent this situation from happening in the future. The attorneys at The Firm have years of experience serving clients in this manner. They have assisted clients with PIP arbitration cases in East Orange, Bloomfield, Wayne, Paterson, Elizabeth, Middletown, Howell, and elsewhere in New Jersey.

Many medical providers in the New Jersey area find the PIP insurance program to be very confusing. Trying to sort out the issues in PIP insurance on your own can prove to be very challenging, which is why you need the help of a dedicated New Jersey PIP arbitration attorney in order to correct any errors and to prevent future underpayments. Make sure you have a lawyer committed to the best outcomes for you. Contact The Firm to discuss your personal injury protection arbitration today.

The Kinds Of Medical Providers Seeking New Jersey PIP Arbitration

The attorneys at The Firm represent a broad range of healthcare clients including physicians, hospitals, multi-disciplinary practices, physician groups, ambulatory care facilities, skilled and certified practitioners, supply care companies, diagnostic facilities and billing managers.

The attorneys at The Firm have extensive experience as it relates to New Jersey PIP arbitration makes them a top choice for services when you need to identify underpayments. The constantly changing healthcare regulations, bulletins, orders and case law make it crucial to hire an attorney who has extensive experience in this field.

Help With Complicated PIP Arbitration Issues

There are many other related issues such as reimbursement concerns, payment problems, anti-kickback, compliance, self-referrals, certification, licensure and coverage issues that should all be reviewed by an experienced attorney. While every provider is unique in the way that they manage the different types of specialty practices, consulting with an experienced New Jersey PIP arbitration attorney is extremely important.

Arbitration recovery on disputed payments does not cost you anything unless your attorney is able to collect on your behalf. Claims involving less than $1,000 can be filed without an oral hearing, providing an efficient and fast resolution. Whether it’s the internal appeals process or a review of your claim, your attorney should be prepared to monitor your files for the earliest possible filing date.

Experienced Plainfield, NJ Personal Injury Attorneys Who Keep Clients Informed on PIP Referrals

The attorneys at The Firm believe in maintaining open communication directly with clients and providing a personalized approach. When you have a plan in place that maximizes your time as well as your payments, you can scale your business more successfully. Knowing that you have an ally in an experienced NJ PIP arbitration attorney is vital if you want to protect your interests now and in the future. Contact the attorneys at The Firm today to discuss the details of your claim during a free consultation at (800) 722-0383.


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