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Truck Accidents: New Technologies That May Provide More Safety For Truck Drivers


Technological advancements have reshaped our world in the last few decades, and these innovations continue to offer hope and help in a number of areas. In the trucking industry, a number of technological innovations pursue the goal of making trucking safer, reducing the number of truck accidents that cause devastating injuries to their drivers and to others on the road.

Just a few of the new technologies include:

  1.    Automated Logs

For decades, truck drivers maintained their own logs regarding how many hours they’d been on the road and how many they had rested – making these logs subject to easy tampering. New technologies, however, allow the truck to record automatically when the engine is on, when the truck is sitting, and when, where, and how fast the truck is moving. More sensitive logs function like a “black box” in an airplane, measuring speed, brake use, and similar factors. These logs can paint much clearer pictures of what went wrong in a crash.

  1.    Maintenance Monitors

Vehicle sensors and monitoring systems have improved dramatically in recent decades, allowing for a more efficient understanding of an engine’s problems and quicker fixes. Maintenance of large trucks is essential to safety, and these sensor systems can help drivers and companies spot and fix small problems before they cause a crash.

  1.    External Sensor Systems

Research into self-driving passenger vehicles has also led to improvements in external sensor systems that can alert drivers when they are too close to other vehicles or even take corrective action to prevent an accident. While many of these technologies are still in testing phases, they create the potential for truck driving to be made even safer.

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