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The idea of permanent birth control is a very attractive option for women who choose to stop having children or don’t want any children at all. No pills to keep up with, no costly routines, and no pregnancy scares. All in all, it’s a route that can lead to less worry and cost. Essure is a permanent birth control implant that was created to fulfill the need described above. However, this permanent solution has recently been linked to serious side effects in recent reports. Side effects include:

·      Back pain

·      Pelvic pain

·      Organ Perforation

·      Unwanted Pregnancy

·      Migration of the Contraceptive

·      Miscarriage

·      Infection

·      Ectopic Pregnancy

·      Death

Concerns about Essure largely began when an article was published in the New York Times that revealed the FDA had received well over 4,000 reports of unwanted side effects due to the Essure implant. Among the reports received, a sizable amount of women reported side effects like heavy menstrual periods, pierced fallopian tubed, and rogue implants that made their way into other organs following the piercing.

Moreover, while the implant’s primary function is it’s permanent contraceptive nature, there were over 660 reports of unwanted pregnancy in users in the span of nine years (2001 – 2010), not including any of the recent developments. The FDA has been under intense investigation surrounding the issues of Essure. Persistent lawsuits resulted in the FDA ordering a “Black Box Warning”, a warning designed to bring loud attention to the fact that the product may cause serious or life threatening side effects, to be fixed on Essure packaging moving forward.

Despite these efforts, Essure side effects do continue to plague some users of the device every year. Complications from Essure injuries can be catastrophic and permanently debilitating.

If you or a loved one has undergone an Essure implant and have been injured by the implant’s side effects, do not wait. Contact the experienced, aggressive attorneys at Calcagno & Associates today for a free case consultation. You may be entitled to compensation for your medical costs. We have offices throughout New Jersey and New York to conveniently serve you and your family.

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