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Injuries Related to Taxotere


Taxotere is a common form of chemotherapy by Sanofil-Aventis that is often used to treat various forms of cancer, such as lung, prostate, breast, stomach and more. Taxotere’s primary function is not unlike other forms of chemotherapy in that it is used to keep cancer cells from growing further. While hair loss is a common and unfortunate side effect of chemotherapy, patients often have the hope that once in remission or after the cessation of chemotherapy, their hair will grow back. However, Taxotere has been the subject of lawsuits for causing permanent hair loss and injuries related to various adverse side-effects.

The Federal Drug Administration has only recently forced Sanofil-Aventis to update their warning label to cite permanent hair loss as a possible side effect. Taxotere has also been linked to a variety of adverse side effects that cause patients to experience injuries. Among the side effects are:

·      Extreme fatigue

·      Vomiting

·      Diarrhea

·      Constant fevers

·      Cardiovascular problems

·      Permanent hair loss

·      Nerve damage

·      Cognitive issues / difficulty concentrating

Cancer patients experience an extremely trying time physically, financially, and emotionally. They put their trust in medical professionals and in thorough pharmaceutical corporations to properly and accurately present all the possible outcomes of using a medication or treatment. Drug manufacturers have the responsibility of properly labeling their drugs and issuing accurate warnings to their consumers. When either one of these parties fail, it can spell disaster and make an already difficult situation much worse.


If you or a loved one has used Taxotere as treatment for cancer and has experienced permanent hair loss or any of the adverse effects above, you may be eligible for compensation. Do not fight this alone. Contact an experienced and aggressive product liability lawyer at Calcagno and Associates by calling (800) 722-0383 or contacting online to schedule a case consultation.

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