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The 4 Most Dangerous Occupations

  Anyone can get injured while on the job; even a seemingly safe job (such as a desk job) can pose certain threats that can result in injuries, ranging from minor to catastrophic. Sometimes, certain injuries make it difficult to return to work. This might only be a temporary situation, but depending on your line […] Read More

NYC Uber Drivers Can Now Join Drivers’ Union to Protect Their Rights

Uber, the American online transportation network company, will soon allow NYC Uber drivers to join a union. The company recently announced that it will be entering into a five-year agreement with the Machinists Union to form the Independent Drivers’ Guild. The guild will have as its goal the protection of the rights of Uber drivers […] Read More

Uber Drivers Will Remain Independent Contractors, Not Employees

Uber, the leading online transportation network that provides easy access to car services throughout the U.S., recently reached a settlement in two major class action lawsuits with plaintiffs who sought to get drivers classified as “employees” instead of “independent contractors.” Uber has more than 450,000 drivers, but the corporate structure at the company is such […] Read More

Where You Live Matters for Work-Related Injury Claims: NFL Team Seeks Management-Friendly Workers’ Compensation Laws

If you are an employee in New York or New Jersey, you expect that you will be fairly compensated through workers’ compensation for any on-the-job injuries or illnesses that you suffer. Moreover, as a New York or New Jersey employee, you expect that the workers’ compensation process will go through either the NY State Workers’ Compensation […] Read More

Amazon Fights Workplace Safety Fines in New Jersey

One of powerhouse online retailer Amazon’s NJ fulfillment centers was recently cited for workplace safety violations, fined and told to take steps to ensure the wellbeing of warehouse workers. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), a federal agency placed in charge of enforcing federal workplace safety laws, issued a $7K fine against Amazon because […] Read More

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